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Heart Centric Customer Support is the Key

Consulting on New Sign

We're absolutely thrilled to have you here because you truly are the heart and soul of Caron Signs. In today's ever-evolving world, we understand the immense responsibility of providing exceptional customer service to businesses aiming to thrive and succeed. We want to take a moment to emphasize just how important you are to us and how we continually strive to go above and beyond to guarantee your happiness with our service and products.

As customer expectations continue to evolve, it’s become obviously clear that old-school traditional approaches to profit and efficiency are no longer enough to set a company apart. Customers want more! They seek purpose-driven experiences and expect businesses to align with their values and needs, going beyond inspiring words and taking tangible actions. We firmly believe that exceptional customer service has the power to shape a company's image, attract and retain customers, and ultimately drive growth and profitability, and success.

Customer Service Facts

  1. Consumers are 2 times more likely to share their bad customer service experiences than their good ones. (Source:

  2. 63% of U.S. customers say they have stopped doing business with a brand due to a poor customer service experience. (Source: Microsoft)

  3. For every customer complaint, there are 26 other unhappy customers who have remained silent. (Source:

  4. It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience. (Source:

  5. By 2020, the customer will manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human. (Source:

  6. Customer Service Week is celebrated annually during the first full week of October. It first became a nationally recognized event in 1992. (Source:

  7. The first known customer service complaint is inscribed on a clay tablet on display at the British Museum. Apparently, someone delivered copper that was the wrong grade. It was written sometime around 1750 B.C. (Source:

  8. An estimated $41 billion is lost by U.S. companies alone each year due to poor customer service. (Source:

  9. 80% of Americans agree that smaller companies place a greater emphasis on customer service than large businesses. (Source:

  10. The 1-800 number was invented in 1967. Roy Weber, an AT&T scientist, is the man responsible for 1-800 Nation; he used still-evolving digital technologies to invent a way to offer national toll-free service. (Source:

One of the key reasons why we place such great importance on customer service is its role in customer retention. We understand that when you have positive experiences with us, you're more likely to return and become loyal supporters. That's why our service team goes above and beyond to create seamless procedures, such as in-depth consultations, service, and follow up that enhance your satisfaction and foster loyalty. Moreover, exceptional customer service also contributes to employee retention. When our employees witness our dedication to delivering exceptional customer service, they feel motivated to support our business and remain engaged in their work. We believe that when they know they’re making a difference, they're happier and that positive energy translates into even better service for you.

“Your company’s most valuable asset is how it is known to its customers.” – Brian Tracy

Another crucial aspect we highlight is the impact of customer service on our company's brand and values. We’re not a faceless corporation you find on the internet. We're a family-run business that was built on strong family values and hard work. Our customer service team serves as the frontline ambassadors of our mission and values. By consistently delivering exceptional customer service, they reinforce the positive perception of our brand, which can lead to positive reviews, and word-of-mouth recommendations, and ultimately attract new customers. We fully understand the importance of building a strong public persona based on excellent customer service, as it enhances how people perceive our company and its offerings.

Policies that are the backbone of our customer service:

  1. Personalized interactions: Good customer service starts with a human touch. When you bring your sign-making needs to us, you will speak with a person who understands the importance of your business to you.

  2. Competency: All of our employees possess are fully trained professionals with strong knowledge of our company, its products, and it’s mission to provide knowledgeable assistance to customers.

  3. Convenience: We providing convenient support options across various channels, such as in-person, phone, email, chat, and social media, allows our customers to reach out in their preferred way.

  4. Proactive approach: We Anticipate customer needs and resolving issues before they become problems is a key principle of good customer service.

  5. Putting customer needs first: Demonstrating a commitment to finding solutions for customers, even if they require innovative thinking or workarounds, helps build excellent service interactions.

  6. Clarifying goals and roadblocks: Before addressing customer issues, it's crucial that we understand their needs and the obstacles preventing them from achieving those goals.

  7. Prioritizing quality over quantity: It's important to focus on providing thorough assistance to customers, even during high-demand periods, rather than rushing through orders.

  8. Genuine interest and enthusiasm: Our staff loves what they do! Engaging customers with a sincere interest in their concerns and demonstrating enthusiasm for assisting them creates a positive customer service experience.

  9. Feedback and continuous improvement: Actively seeking customer feedback, learning from their experiences, and using it to drive ongoing improvements in your customer service approach is essential.

  10. Follow up after the sale: Following up with our customers in order to improve your customer experience and satisfaction with the products and services you have hired us for is a must.

It’s simple. Businesses that consistently provide exceptional customer service are rewarded with customer loyalty and repeat business. Focusing on purpose-led experiences, customer retention, employee satisfaction, and brand reputation to differentiate ourselves in a competitive marketplace is not optional.

Needless to say, We get it and it’s a necessity that we wholeheartedly follow.

Welcome to the family!

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